Monday, September 20, 2010

Down the Road I Go!

First stop, Fiber College in Searsport.  The Fiber Side of Village Books got to share a booth with Knitting Out Loud this year.  As usual, we met a lot of interesting folks, including
WAYNE, who paid me the ultimate compliment by stealing the knitted grafitti I put up at the FC gates a few months back.  He was cold and he needed it!  Looks great, doesn't it? (Knit by Toni Weiner, btw) As a cowl, it's da bomb! (sorry, couldn't resist)

Popular teacher Mary Jane Mucklestone and friend show off their multi-tasking skills.

Fiber arts books reproduce at night, I swear!

Knitting Out Loud at Fiber College

Many thanks for valuable spinning tips from Heather of Highland Handmades and Debbie of Purple Fleece.
After 3 days of spinning, I finally vacated the chair...

Next up (after a few days rest): the North Country Spinning & Knitting Fiber Festival, in Presque Isle.
It was Worldwide Spinning in Public Day, so most of us did.  These ladies' wheels were really turning!  I just kept practicing.  Several people, including 9 year old Dylan, watched me card mohair and other fibers together, then spin it into my own unique yarn.  Dylan immediately decided he needs a wheel of his own!

This time, I had to do without KOL owner, Kathy Goldner, and run both booths on my own.  I managed... but it's more fun when Kathy & I work together. Knitting out Loud was bi-locating - Kathy was doing the Fiber Fest down in the Fingerlakes Region of NY.

There was A LOT of fluff at this event, including that of the Angora bunnies behind this spinster, plus Alpaca, Shetland, Corriedale, Cormo, and the Angora goat locks that I brought along.  The books & audio books were different & attracted a lot of attention here.

There were several weavers demonstrating.

This was my haven for two lovely nights.  It's The Old Iron Inn in Caribou.  Kate & Kevin are lovely people.  This is the Amoeba room.  The walls sport lovely old engravings of microorganisms, the bedside lamp is a beautiful old microscope and there are terrific fossils on the bathroom walls.  Perfect! And books everywhere!

Highly recommended!

My only regret is that I only managed one yarn bomb during all these events - a little one at the rest stop up in Medway, Maine.  I sewed this on in broad daylight with people all around & not a soul asked me what I was doing.  Makes me wonder what else I could get away with...

Now back to making yarn!


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  1. Looks like the Presque Isle Festival was wonderful! What a lovely inn. And how exciting to participate in Worldwide Spin in Public Day. Hope this festival becomes a yearly event.

    I missed you at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival. The Finger lakes region (we were in Hemlock, NY, just south of Rochester) is stunningly beautiful. Low rolling hills dotted with farms. Old mill towns with Italianate architecture.