Monday, September 20, 2010

Down the Road I Go!

First stop, Fiber College in Searsport.  The Fiber Side of Village Books got to share a booth with Knitting Out Loud this year.  As usual, we met a lot of interesting folks, including
WAYNE, who paid me the ultimate compliment by stealing the knitted grafitti I put up at the FC gates a few months back.  He was cold and he needed it!  Looks great, doesn't it? (Knit by Toni Weiner, btw) As a cowl, it's da bomb! (sorry, couldn't resist)

Popular teacher Mary Jane Mucklestone and friend show off their multi-tasking skills.

Fiber arts books reproduce at night, I swear!

Knitting Out Loud at Fiber College

Many thanks for valuable spinning tips from Heather of Highland Handmades and Debbie of Purple Fleece.
After 3 days of spinning, I finally vacated the chair...

Next up (after a few days rest): the North Country Spinning & Knitting Fiber Festival, in Presque Isle.
It was Worldwide Spinning in Public Day, so most of us did.  These ladies' wheels were really turning!  I just kept practicing.  Several people, including 9 year old Dylan, watched me card mohair and other fibers together, then spin it into my own unique yarn.  Dylan immediately decided he needs a wheel of his own!

This time, I had to do without KOL owner, Kathy Goldner, and run both booths on my own.  I managed... but it's more fun when Kathy & I work together. Knitting out Loud was bi-locating - Kathy was doing the Fiber Fest down in the Fingerlakes Region of NY.

There was A LOT of fluff at this event, including that of the Angora bunnies behind this spinster, plus Alpaca, Shetland, Corriedale, Cormo, and the Angora goat locks that I brought along.  The books & audio books were different & attracted a lot of attention here.

There were several weavers demonstrating.

This was my haven for two lovely nights.  It's The Old Iron Inn in Caribou.  Kate & Kevin are lovely people.  This is the Amoeba room.  The walls sport lovely old engravings of microorganisms, the bedside lamp is a beautiful old microscope and there are terrific fossils on the bathroom walls.  Perfect! And books everywhere!

Highly recommended!

My only regret is that I only managed one yarn bomb during all these events - a little one at the rest stop up in Medway, Maine.  I sewed this on in broad daylight with people all around & not a soul asked me what I was doing.  Makes me wonder what else I could get away with...

Now back to making yarn!